Japanese Year End Party 忘年会

忘年会 read bounen kai, which is “year end party” or a for a more direct translation, it would mean “forget the year party”
忘 bou, means forget
年 nen, means year
会 kai, means to meet or gathering.

Why do they want to “forget” the year? Reminisce?  No.  Let’s forget it.  Japan is ready for 2008, I’m ready for 2009.

Friday I went to a work related Japanese year end party. I was one of the organizers for the party. We went bowling in Shinjuku – it was blacklight bowling.  Very neat with all the neon and purple lighting.
We then proceeded to another area in Shinjuku to a chinese restaurant for drinks and food and of course the announcement of the bowling results where we could win prizes and some money!
All fun was had by all parties.
When talking with everyone over dinner, and with drinks, people loosen up and talk about more casual things.  So my Japanese language is good, but understanding social jokes relating to stars of celebs from the early 80’s, there is no way that I could get those jokes.  That was a challenge to try to connect the language I know to culture specific jokes – especially older Japanese pop culture.
Now you talk to me about anything in Japanese popular culture since 2005, then I am all good. I got you, I’m the one breaking out jokes.

Ochanomizu is THE place to buy snowboarding gear, accessories in Tokyo. There are many many shops along Yasukuni Street.  I went there on Saturday and Sunday this weekend to get some gear. Thanks Jarek for some hookups!
Next weekend I am heading to Nagano to snowboard for 3 days.


~ by frischfarms on December 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “Japanese Year End Party 忘年会”

  1. Have fun on your snowboarding trip!

  2. happy new year and christmas. it snowed here in portland to spice up the rain a little bit. I am playing on the xbox360 now mainly. Nerd. I will keep working on an excuse to visit you over there.

  3. jd,
    thanks for the comment.
    how was nyc?
    xbox 360, thats funny cause my bro just bought one too.
    i mainly play nintendo ds if i can.

  4. nyc was ok. fun to hang out with wendy’s sister and her fiance and the kids. otherwise somewhat odd but thats a long story. nice to see your brother into gaming also. kids slow you down so you have to escape somewhere. you shall see.

  5. hahah, JD:
    Thanks for the comment!
    Glad NYC was good for you, and thanks for the heads up about kids. Maybe you can ben can play online somehow.

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