Japanese Tea

Japanese Tea

Japanese tea is alright. I really like it mainly cause its a warm beverage on a cold winter day/night. I only really drink Japanese tea when I am offered it and think I have made tea for myself maybe under 5 times.

茶道 pronounced sah-dough or chah-dough is literally the “way of tea” or “tea ceremony.”   There is a proper way to prepare the different kinds of tea, but I leave that to a girl in a kimono to help me with.

This photo is simple green tea filtered in the serving glass pouring device (English is not coming to mind).
Do you like tea?

~ by frischfarms on January 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Japanese Tea”

  1. are you talking about a tea pot?? Whats wrong with your english lol. Im the same with green tea… its ok if your offered it.

  2. Sam,
    YES! the tea pot, thanks for the free english lesson. But its not a pot so to speak, more of a serving cup.

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