Japanese Valentines Day – updates from JPN

Valentines Day is celebrated in Japan too. It is on February 14th, but women give chocolates to the men.  Backwards from Canada.
Then theres White Day, which is on March 14th –  one month after Valentines Day.  “Men who received chocolate on Valentine’s Day return the favor and give gifts to women.”  – Wikipedia.
Either way its all money and business.

I have been busy – Snowboarding, work, dealing with the cold in Tokyo (not that cold, but dampness of this island is unique brand of cold.

Checking out this book called Mindmapping.  Re-reading it actually.
Took a trip to Akiba to check for computers to buy one for my mom for a gift.

Wanna say word up to Steve and Joel in Oregon – hi.  I gotta write you back Joel.

I take too many pics for my own goo. I have got too many and need a holiday to organize them all.

I came across this site called theburiedlife.com – neat. and yes, they are canadian!

I havent been going out at all, just snowboarding.


~ by frischfarms on February 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Japanese Valentines Day – updates from JPN”

  1. women giving the guys chocolates?? thats messed… but at least they get something back later lol.
    I wish I could go boarding in Japan!

  2. that was me gabe (last comment)

  3. My life of snow related sports ended with a twist to the ankle 😦

  4. Sam,
    thanks for the comment, You are welcome to come boarding in Japan anytime.

    Thanks for your comment. too bad to hear about your ankle injury!

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