Shinjuku Love

 I love Shinjuku.  新宿 しんじゅく New Lodging is the translation.   Busy, tall, grey, flashing, movement, night, day, busy.

In January, I made a little video from within Shinjuku Station and also riding the train in this post.
I mentioned in that post “I am trying to solve the sound problem when titles are added in the video. Learning curves.” Well, I have learned how to deal with the sound in the vids – thanks apple genius bar.
I really like the way the music flows with this one.
This time, after visiting the hospital in Shinjuku for my shoulder injury, I took some video early on a Saturday March 1, 2008 morning of the business office building area in West Shinjuku.  Blue skies, and seemingly clean air.

Do you have any requests for any specific video footage of Tokyo?
Let me know

~ by frischfarms on March 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Shinjuku Love”

  1. Very nice site. And nice video, too. It’d been a while since I’d seen Shinjuku. It brings back some good memories.

    Since you asked for requests, could you do a video of either (or both; heh) of Odaiba or around Shinagawa?

  2. woah, didn’t quite realise how big these buildings looked! here in london its pretty flat… thanks for another great video of japan! i really enjoying them, please post more when you have the time!

  3. Molo,
    Thanks for dropping by! I hope to visit Odaiba on March 22. There is special train that runs through there once a year – with all the lights shut off its called 夜景列車 やけいれっしゃ yakei ressha – or “night view train”. Reservations are tight with only 25 available spots – so its done by lottery. If I win, then you win too.

    I have heard that it is very flat in London – why? Such a big city but no huge skyrises? Glad you liked the video. I have just been figuring out editing software (hopefully getting better) and then can make some more videos for you.

  4. Gabu do a video of the house and local area for me please. I’ll see you at the end of the year if you still in Tokyo

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