Tokyo State of Mind…


Sunday morning coffee at Starbucks on the Southern Terrace in Shinjuku.
Then take the Chuo line line 7 and 8 to Yotsuya 5 minutes away and just 1 station. As I am about to step on the train, a strange man just
looks at me in the eye and says something – he looked non-Japanese – but I pulled my right earphone out (taking a break from
Chris Brown’s song, With you) and say “hmmmm” to the man, walk pass him and get on the train.
I look up at the 12 inch monitor in the train playing a commercial, while getting hungry.
So I pop back some xylitol gum by Lotte.
I want to go somewhere on the “toei arakawa line” the oldest tram in Tokyo that runs mostly east-west in northern Tokyo. It was recommended by my coworker that says there is still old parts of Japan even amongst the modern Tokyo
So I ask the station master at Yotsuya how to get there -somewhere, anywhere along the “Toie Arakawa Line”  都営 荒川線.  He has no idea what I am saying.  But the line is actually called “Toden Arakawa line” 都電 荒川線.

The mistake here is that Toei means “operated by the metropolitan government” while Toden means “Metropolitan Electric Railway”

Managed to get to Ouji 王子 station via Namboku Line.  Checked out the park there and walked around until riding the whole length of the arakawa line for 2 hours (1 hour one way), and I got a massage
for 1000Yen at a parlor in a shopping street on one stop on the train line.  For my shoulder – still painful.
It gets dark – catch a bus from Waseda university to Shinjuku – 200 yen.
Finally get off and see a film crew filming people walking around near Kabukicho.
Pick up a pair of AirForce 1’s at ABC Mart for 8995 yen. 1500 yen discount.
Go home pop some champagne for my roomates bday and eat some pasta and chocolate.
Sleep but think about updating a video for my blog, but sleep is fun too.

I want to update everyday – for real, for you, for me. I should take my time to think about the entries, but to update everyday would mean to do so at a creative sacrifice – meaning the content suffers.  As you can see, the adlib style above doesn’t make for such an interesting read.
Tokyo State of Mind is fast, blurry, technology, ads, a bunch of たまに読めない漢字でも勉強になるね。


~ by frischfarms on March 10, 2008.

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