Edo Harumi  エド はるみ

Edo Harumi is a female stand up comedian – the most popular thing going right now on TV and in popular culture this middle of March 2008.
Wait until 40 seconds into the video to really see her performance and punch line that has all of Japan repeatingu her.
Here is the video:

You will be saying guuuu!  in no time.
If you can’t figure it out: “guuuu” is short for the english “good.”
Two thumbs up Edo Harumi!


~ by frischfarms on March 16, 2008.

7 Responses to “Edo Harumi  エド はるみ”

  1. I… hate her
    she’s not very guu

  2. Avery,
    Just another quick buck for her – then shes out.

  3. Kimmuchiwarui

  4. You are fucking retarded if you think that is funny

  5. Bob, Thats how it is on tv.

  6. i have to say i giggled, but i cant tell what shes saying, like shes imitating americans, right? christ, at least shes more interesting than the counting guy.

  7. moniqueef,
    dont think she is mocking americans, just her gig. the counting dude is done with – his fame lasted shorter than anything.

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