Today is a day in Tokyo!

Japanese girl

Random Japanese girl from the Drug Show I went to 2 weeks ago.
Is this Japanese girl cute or pretty?

Things on my mind this day:

– Blueberries and how to sell them in Japan.

– Crepes in Tokyo – I want to eat one – they are so yummy.

– Yurikamome Line and the “Night View Train” coming up on this saturday march 22, 2008. The train runs through Odaiba and back through tokyo – but they turn off all the lights to make it easy to see the beautiful lights of Tokyo views from Tokyo Rainbow Bridge etc. Thanks Mari for posting info about this night train. I then sent in a postcard and got chosen to attend the event!! Look for video of that next week on Gabriel Times (this blog hehe).
The train only runs once a year – so this is a rare event.

– I got an email from Wieden+Kennedy in regards to their “seeking” job application “project” that they did – you had to send in a 20-page pdf trying to impress them enough to bring you to PDX and potentially hire you. I sent in 1 page white typed letter – just summing the last 8 years of life in about 5 lines. Fun times.  I will see you again PDX – dont worry!

– Cooking a lot of dinners at home these days and bringing a lunch pack aka bento to work for lunch – えらい!

Have been using Bittorrent a lot to dl movies – but funny thing is I have no time to watch them.

– My dad sent me a random email the other day – no reaction yet. 反応なし。無視したいけどお父さんだらか、返事して送ったが、連絡しても意味ないじゃないですか?だって俺は26才!今まで出来たからお父さんが居なくても大丈夫でしょう。さて、お母さんがすごいと思う。尊重しているぅ!!ありがとう!ありがとうネ!

– Recently went to Tokyo Disneysea and will be posting pics of that soon (have to first upload them to flickr, then choose the fun ones and put them on this blog). I got a two-shot photo with Mickey! “two-shot photo” is Japanese-English describing a photo with 2 people in it – like couples etc.

-Been loving hearing my roommate Tyler play guitar – he is pretty good, and we tried to play some Billy Jean guitar rifts.

– Shoulder muscles in some areas are still on the sore side as I havent been doing any exercise at all except for “dancing with my gf”

Thursday March 20 is a holiday in Japan – so no work. It is 春分の日 しゅんぶんのひ or Vernal Equinox Holiday.

~ by frischfarms on March 19, 2008.

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