Sakura In Japan Cherry Blossoms, Perfume

It is nearly time for cherry blossoms to be blooming in Japan. They are already starting to bud and you can see some select trees full of pink flowers.

It is such a delicate and precious time in Japan. Everyones heart is lighter.
People are graduating, starting new jobs too.

I’m listening to “Baby Cruising Love” by a girl band, Perfume, that is clearly lip singing on TV.

Update I found a video of the song. and I found out they are from Hiroshima. I love this song. The beat, the rhythm and the cute dancing.
“For loves destiny, its loves proof….”  “I want to come and meet you, its the ship of love, baby cruising love”

Still have to upload pics of disney sea.
Planning on seeing some cherry blossom trees this weekend.

I bought a new bike at Don quihote for 9000 yen. its bright orange with a big basket on the front.

Here is a video from a couple weeks back. It is on the train platform at Ginza station for the Hibiya line to Roppongi.


~ by frischfarms on March 26, 2008.

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