Pecha Kucha Night, Pika Pika Doodle Project

On the the last wednesday of every month, Pecha Kucha ぺちゃくちゃ ナイト takes place inside SuperDeluxe a lounge bar in Roppongi not far from Heartland and Roppongi Hills. I attended this past Wednesday’s event with a friend Shin whom is a Copywriter friend. It starts at 8:20pm so I showed up at a little before 8.
Small crowd.
As the night progressed they manage to put 300 people in the place.
What is pecha kucha?

Well, it means chattering in Japanese. But the REVOLUTION that is Pecha Kucha started in Tokyo in 2003, by 2 architects, Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham. Concept is that presentations are boring – “we really have to listen to this?” and so keep each slide to a MAX of 20 secs with 20 slides per presentation. Simple. Sweet. Smart. This idea has spread virally to over 110 cities in the world now.

Gotta love Tokyo.
Its the inspiration.

At this months Pecha Kucha, the light doodle project “PiKA PiKA” ピカピカ (which means glitter or sparkle) gave a presentation highlighting some of their work. You can see their site at
Just incredible stuff. I first heard about them when I was living in Portland and then moved to Japan – I saw their site via some design sites and thought it was cool. It turns out that they have travelled to Ottawa twice.  At the event I bought a DVD of their work and got it signed by the co-founder Takeshi.  Thanks Takeshi!
So I was inspired and did my own and went all out with my roommates to make some cool pics last night.
No photoshop used. We did over 49 photos, but here are just 4.
Pika flowers
Drawing flowers
heart mask, waves
Heart, Mask, colour waves (Yes, I am canadian and spell colour with a u!)
green man
Green Man strangling himself.
Jon the Devil. This was done with 4 people. Tail, pitch fork, red horns.
Why don’t you try some of your own pika pika?

Hanami parties (sitting under the cherry blossoms, eating, drinking, having fun) this weekend in Yoyogi park and Koganei Park. Cherry Blossoms came early this year – its seems it came quickly too.  They already announced 満開 or Mankai or Full bloom in Ueno Park.

Its Friday and its lovely here in Tokyo!


~ by frischfarms on March 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “Pecha Kucha Night, Pika Pika Doodle Project”

  1. Hey Gabe. I never could work out how to get my hello to you video onto youtube…it just kept stuffing up grrr. Hows Tokyo? I’ll be there in December it seems for a short time before going to Korea for 6 months (part of uni) so I’ll see you then. Bye bye x

  2. Hayley,
    thanks for the comment!
    Tokyo is good – always fun and now its cherry blossom time. I just saw your blog and keep up the good fashion stuff! Korea? Lucky you!

  3. Hi i love the pictures you have taken and i was wondering how you have taken them?

    • Nikki,

      You need to set the exposure high to absorb more light. On most standard cameras it is identified in the menu options with a +/- sign. I try to set the exposure to +3 or higher if your camera can go that high. This is best done with an Digital SLR type of camera. Then in a darkened room (any room with the lights off will do fine) and using lights from cell phones or any small light, take a photo and write or draw with the lights in the air. Since the room is dark, the camera only absorbs the lights from the cell phone, ipod etc and creates a fun photo. I hope this helps. Gabu

  4. […] Image Copyright gabuchan. […]

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