I love Sakura!! Cherry Blossoms 桜 さくら サクラ

I love Sakura!
At lunch today, I bought a 500Yen bento – awesome deal and it was homemade too!  Listening to Snoop Dogg’s new album Ego Trippin’ on my 2 GB iPod.
Strolling towards Yotsuya Station and a little beyond to sit under the sakura.
I was walking in this direction and you can see where I ate lunch under the cherry trees (thanks google maps):
sakura above

It was raining sakura pedals!  Very beautiful and I can say that this time is the best season (well, its really only 10 days) to be in Japan. Second would be autumn.
Here is another pic of the Yotsuya park entrance. You can see all the trees lined up.  Gorgeous.
I read on John Jay’s honeyee blog that it snowed in Portland, Ore. today?!  Wow!
It was about 17 degrees at lunch here in Tokyo.
For my lunch, I enjoyed eating a roll cabbage, chicken, rice, umeboshi, daikon, konnyaku.
Tonight I have 2 students, and plan to upload more videos  this week to my youtube channel gabuchan123.
Also last night I enjoyed some sake with members of Recruit company as I got invited by them as I was sitting on a bench after work enjoying the falling sakura pedals – poor sentence there.   Ah, no time.  しょうがない。

Thats it for today.

~ by frischfarms on April 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “I love Sakura!! Cherry Blossoms 桜 さくら サクラ”

  1. those cherry blossom petals falling….

    how wonderful to be in 17 deg and full Spring> love it.

  2. salam kenal

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