A Month in Tokyo – video

I completed editing on the videos of movies I made during April and compiled them into 6 exhilirating minutes for you.  This is life in Tokyo!

The video features in order:

Riding the Chuo Line
NTT Docomo Tower in Shinjuku
Arakawa Old Train Line in North Tokyo
Shinjuku Rush Hour Platform
Akihabara Station and surrounding area
Maid Tour Guide
Akihabara Cosplayer
Pachinko Parlor
Japanese parking garage
(all of the above are played with Perfume – Plastic Smile as the bgm – background music)
Final views of Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)
Shinjuku Station South Exit night
PechaKucha Night ft. PiKAPiKA
Double Dutch in Yoyogi Park
Comedy in yoyogi Park
DJ Tiesto at Ageha night club in Shinkiba, Tokyo
Running through a ticket gate at Shinkiba Station
Some weird street promotion in Higashi Nakako
The Lock Up Theme restaurant in Shibuya
Crazy Street performer in Kawasaki

Final song is Chocolate Disco by Perfume.

Please enjoy the video and look for more!

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom!  May 11!
Love you!

~ by frischfarms on May 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “A Month in Tokyo – video”

  1. nice video ^^
    and a good choice for the music. Perfume is cool.

  2. cool. tiesto would be fun to see as both wendy and I listen to him regularly on xm. my sister should be in tokyo this week i think hopefully you can hang out. xander learned to crawl last week and go up stairs. he has two lower teeth. crazy stuff in suburbia.

  3. Jd,
    thanks for the comment.
    Glad to hear from you and little updates from suburbia, sounds wonderful. tiesto was incredible, yes. i am in touch with your sister, she is to-from china via tokyo, so maybe we can hang.

  4. Abscission says : I absolutely agree with this !

  5. Abscission,
    What do you agree with? The video?

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