June 2, 2008 – Tokyo, Japan


Cloudy day today.

Been biking to work lately.  Well, today is my 4th day. Last week, mon, tues, and wed were good.
Thursday and Friday last week was pouring rain, (entering rainy season soon in Japan) so I trained to work.

Biking is just incredible. Ignoring red lights, is only allowed if you smile while riding through.
It is about a 4km (or 3 miles for my american fans) ride to work.  I take the big roads, so not too sure how good the air is.

My friend gave me a 30GB video ipod (2005 October) model, and I have been watching movies on it at lunch or on the train. ( i watched Ghost in the Shell, Blood Diamond and Michael Clayton recently).  I also have the Brighton Beach Boutique video by Fat Boy Slim from 2002.  250,000 people at a beach party. Music is house, and I rock it while biking to work.

Last weekend, I biked to Tokyo Tower. It is 13 metres higher than the Eiffel Tower, and orange, other than that its the SAME. There were lots of tour groups there last sunday.  I have video too, which will upload later.
I have been thinking and researching about fixed-gear bikes. The subculture is hot and kickin’ (imo) in Tokyo. The bike messenger styles and fashion comes from manhattan and nyc suburbs.  A fixed gear bike does not have free spinning of the axis.  Think unicycyle.  If you pedal backwards, the bike goes backwards too.
Price tag for a good bike is like 120,000 Yen (1200$).  I did go to some stores that are im possible to find in Shibuya, and you got all these cool dudes hanging out in front of their shops doing tricks and living for bikes.  If I do go the Fixed-gear bike route, then I would by all used parts and build the bike myself.

Planning on going swimming at the olypic pool in Sendagaya tonight. Tokyo hosted the 1964 olympics and some events were at this place.   I gotta wear a swim cap though.  Need to pick up some goggles too.
I want to sweat more, it feels good and not this drabby salaryman lifestyle, sitting at a desk is good too, but I want to get more exercise and get fit, not just skinny.
So biking, to work, gonna go to basketball at the shibuya sports centre on thursday this week too. fun times.

On Saturday night I went to a house party with 40 people, lots of french there too, so I was practicing my french. Served wine and by my lead we all in chorus sung happy birthday to Brett by whispering.  that was neat.  40 people whisper singing (is that a word?) happy birthday – good.
We had to whisper because the cops were coming because 40 people together means loudness and neighbour complaints.

Thanks for reading.

~ by frischfarms on June 2, 2008.

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