Tokyo Smoking Law- June 4, 2008


Warm Breeze and party cloudy day today.

No rain this morning – so I rocked my bike to work this morning. I took a different route and was 5 mins late. Should just take the trusty ol’ route to work.

Tokyo smoking law is pretty laid back. You can smoke indoors and there are smoking sections in most places.
There are anti-smoking patrols that I have seen in and around tokyo urging people not to walk and smoke. I dont think there are any fines, but the patrols (usually older folk that are put to work perhaps due to the pension problems in Japan) are weak and dont fine people but I have seen them ask people to put out their cigarette.
I heard they are banning smoking in Kanagawa. Canada rocks the boat 仕掛け人 for starting the anti-smoking stuff. I Heart Canada.

I don’t smoke btw.

There are many ways the Japanese are trying to increase smoking manners.  They pass out little portable ashtrays. like these
about the size of a pack of cigs.

I got these two portable ash trays while on my way to work last week. I like the design and I bet there are hundreds of awesome designs out there. For all you smokers – start collecting. This would be a great write up for TAB (Tokyo Art Beat) if you have the time to freelance write for them. I don’t.
The mascot on the left is some smoke dude. Neat.

I ate Kimchi (korean cabbage) flavoured harusame 春雨 (spring rain, or noodles made from beans) for lunch.
Then I biked to the 99 yen shop in, bought a yellow kiwi (eat it with the skin on!), a loaf of bread (6 slices), a head of broccoli and 4 slices of ham meat.

Recently read that Hatori Hanzo’s (legend ninja dude partly played out in the movie Kill Bill) grave/tomb is near where I work. I decided to check it out.
I took grace, and parked my bike outside the temple/graveyard grounds, went over and saw the grave. Pretty average size lot maybe 2mX2m and had a 3 metre high stone pillar. I was in the presence of greatness – for a short while.

Then I sandwiched the ham in the bread, and ate while riding my bike, such a cool day today.
I learned (rather wrote down in hopes that I would maybe use and remember) some Kanji.
Check this lot:
違和感 – iwa kan – feeling of discomfort
傘下 – sanka – affiliated with, under jurisdiction of
懸案 - ken an – pending question, pending problem
経緯 – kei i – details, wholestory, sequence of events, how it started, how things go this way.


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