Update June 10, 2008

As you may know there was a crazy dude that drove his truck through a crowded shopping street in Akihabara on Sunday.

He then got out of his car and stabbed a bunch of people and 7 people died.


He said “I just wanted to kill someone”.

I am saddened by this, as Japan is very safe and I am never in fear (unlike in the USA or some cities in Canada) of anything bad happening.

Japan is still awesome – Akiba will live on and the media will play this out and try to find some reason to blame.
In my opinion, if this dude had some way to release his anger on the world, then this could have been prevented – maybe not..
Sometimes in Japanese culture it is better to keep your real thoughts inside (tatemae 建前) versus saying what you really are thinking (honne 本音).

Thats the end of the terrible news.  Condolences out the families and friends of the victims.




Now for the fun!.

iPhone will come to Japan!
It will be provided by Softbank.
I use AU cell phone service, so if I want one, I have to switch to Softbank (hmmm, thinking about it..)
It will come out July 11, 2008.

More good news!
My birthday is coming soon!
I am turning 27.   I love it!

I went swimming last night for 40 mins.  Awesome.  Breaststroke, front crawl, and a little backstroke.  50 m olympic pool!  in Sendagaya.  it was 600 yen entrance fee.
Then I biked to work this morning. Its hot and sunny here.


~ by frischfarms on June 10, 2008.

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