June 12, 2008 Tokyo Japan

Things on my mind:

this video is jacked!

Couldnt bike to work today as it is raining in Tokyo today.
I took the train to work today.

I downloaded some audio books yesterday – Getting things done, and the four hour work week.
I read about the four hour work week last year and had it on my old computer, but then managed to erase it once I changed computers.

My birthday is coming up soon. Well, this friday I am heading to club yellow to have a good time. Then on Saturday morning – plan to ride on the new train line Fukutoshin line.   I will take some pics.

I am going swimming tonight with Megumi.
My shoulders are hurting this past week, perhaps its from biking too much, or from the lack of exercise in the past several months.
I have been watching the NBA finals via slingbox.  Thanks Ben for that. Awesome. Lakers are down 2-1.  I would like Kobe to win on his own.  He is a champion.

Yesterday for dinner I ate tomatoes, avacado, bread and pinto beans.  Then had strawberry icecream. Delicious.

Upon being influenced by saving time and being more efficient, I cleaned my room up and realized that I have tons and tons of business cards – lots that I have accumulated just meeting people around tokyo.  Maybe if I email some of them, I can get some good connections.


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