Tokyo Pictures, update June 13, 2008

my fashion

My fashion last week. Tokyo tower. I biked there last week for fun, here is the photo.

Recently saw this nike Air Zoom 95 at the sneaker shop, Chapter, in Harajuku. I bought these for 159.99 in 1996. I was in grade 9 and these were the hottest shoes ever.

Here is more more Edo Harumi. “with a good choice, you are also good!” Some diet supplement commercial on the train. Notice her lips say “guuuuu!”

My neighbour Pat getting his traffic fix. This was at 2am, and no traffic was around, but still this goverment worker was “working hard.”

fixed gear bike
A plain white fixed-gear bike. I want one but more kakkoii yatsu ga ii na.

Hattori Hanzo (the famous ninja, also featured in the Kill Bill films) grave. This is only 5 mins from my work!

Last night:

Went swimming at the Shibuya sports centre in Hatagaya with Megumi.   so much fun.  When was the last time you went swimming?

After we had dinner at a hawaii place near Sasazuka.  It was Japanized, but good.

Its a great sunny day today ! Its 27 degrees!


.Obviously I biked to work. YEAH! Its like 6km one way!  Incredible – i feel good like James Brown.


.Is it getting easier ?



.Today I found some small trucks to grab the back off on the road and “hitch a ride.”  It is probably dangerous, but it made a couple minutes very easy just coasting while grabbing on the back of these trucks.


I got a wedding invitation from Shawn yesterday (friend from ottawa) so I should be heading to Ottawa at the end of August. I’m excited for him – the dude is getting married!

Oh what else, I have been checking out and also for some books. Me and Patrick (in the pic above) want to do a bulk order to save on shipping costs.

We are doing a big proposal to a client on monday, so I may be at the office late tonight. Hope not because I wanna meet up with friends before heading to club yellow.

Listening to the lakers- celtics game via espn radio. Lakers are up – the announcers are awesome.

~ by frischfarms on June 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tokyo Pictures, update June 13, 2008”

  1. Gabuchan!
    You called me recently. I had just finished teaching a bunch of kindergarten kids, and the teacher of the class came in right as I answered – so I was super awkward. I hope you loved it.

    Send me an email. I think I’m coming (no really) to Japan soon – later this year? I want to talk to you.

    Eat some yakisoba for me.


  2. Jordan,
    Where you teaching at ?
    I did love you answering the phone. YES YES, get over here!
    tokyo is waiting. peace

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