Age 27, party weekend, sleep, massage – Tokyo Life

feels good!

27 is good.  Its like right in the middle of 25-30.  I feel great, loving and happy!
Yesterday was Dave D’s birthday – Happy Birthday!

Today is Graham’s bday – Happy Birthday!

Today is Steve D’s birthday.  Happy Birthday and thank you for the wonderful card!

My weekend:
Was at work until 945pm friday night.  Biked home and got super good looking clothes on and biked to club yellow with roommate Tyler (whom is now back in PDX for his summer german masters program – good luck buddy), and also with Jon.
I met up with megumi and her friend a-chan, also Taka whom I met last week in Harajuku – he spent some time studing in Ottawa too. cool.  Sam (friend of avery) was also at the club, also Pat, Brian, Lisa, Nate were there.  Good times. Brian is leaving Japan to head to Dubai at the end of this month.

Long line up and there were tons of people waiting.  We got a small bottle of whiskey to hustle into the club.  A-chan put it in her bag to hide it from the people doing bag searches.

Entrance fee was 4000 yen.

House music and club yellow was rocking – after fun and dancing and an argument with my gf a little.  ( I was upset because she was shy to kiss me in the club in front of everyone – but we talked and things are coooool!  (enter kiss sound here)

We partied at the club until the famous dj from argentina left at 12pm.  NOON the next day. I arrived at the club at 1am and left 11 hours later.  Thats a really good deal for party time.   Awesome.
Headed to nakameguro with Pat and ate ramen. it sucked, but i was hungry so it was alright.

Then went to Megumi’s house via bike from nakameguro and it took about 50 mins.  Tired I was. Damn! I thought.

Ate some food, fell asleep and woke up on June 15th at 11am – my birthday!  Great times.

I headed to Kita-sando where the new train line is opening up and took some photos of a poster ad in the station that my company put up for a client.  Train is cool – not bad, but some designs on the walls seem 1980s.  brown – yuck.   Why is there no pink line in tokyo?

So after we headed to Kichioji and walked around before I got an 8000 yen 40 minute massage (my bday gift!!) by some awesome lady.  it was an oil massage – wowwowo. did it feel good.  nice ladies hands on my back, it was good!
I realized that I have to stretch more and do more full body exercise to get rid of my stiff shoulders.

Well that would mean I have to get off this computer now wouldnt it.?!

Still love you though.

Take care.
Plan is to go swimming tonight.
I am also glad the lakers are still in the nba finals, they won today!

left to right gp, some dude, jon, brian.

pat, lisa, mariko, gp at the end of the night!

GP, taka being kissed for some reason by jun.  We met jun at 4am. that was crazy!

The dj of the night and some fan chick.  The dude in the back was passing out free champagne.  Nice dude.


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