Tired bike Week in tokyo, June 20, 2008

Tired from biking all this week. I took the train this morning to work, just for a break (brake) from biking all this week. My body is sore and shoulder pain. I dont just bike, I really go as fast as the bike can possibly go. I am tuned in to my music (keep the volume at a limit so I can still hear traffic) and I just zoom through the streets of tokyo. I highly recommend trying it if you havent.

I biked nearly 22km on Wednesday – to from work, then back to shinjuku for a lesson.

The picture below is my bike ride on thursday night. click on it to see a close up.
I went out to dinner in Ochanomizu with otaku friends (been snowboarding with them too) – they wanted to take me out for my b-day, so we had some yakiniku. awesome. You can see “dinner” on the map.

The yellow line is the route from home to work (Yotsuya) and then to dinner after work via my bike.

The green line is the route I took home on my bike. Very out of the way (thought I was taking a shortcut!), but I managed to get home safely and got some good exercise in the process – tanked tons of water after getting home, and had some sweet ice cream! Yum!


~ by frischfarms on June 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “Tired bike Week in tokyo, June 20, 2008”

  1. I’ve got a small apartment and I have to keep a bike, if I get one, in my apartment. Any suggestions on something that would work well?

  2. Anonymous,
    I would get a foldable bike. They are pretty small and you could put it in your place. Good Luck

  3. biking around the yamanote is still a goal of mine ^^;
    Let me know if you have an account at dannychoo.com and I will activate you feed so that it appears across the site and on otaku.fm

  4. Danny,
    thanks for the comment.

    I am ready to bike the yamanote anytime. I think it would take 3-4 hours. We walked the yamanote last june with Mari from watashi to tokyo blog fame.
    I will look into getting an account at your site. Thanks.

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