Tokyo Photos and Tokyo mind

June 23rd, Tachikawa, Tokyo, lumine mall.  This is using a wide angle lens I can attach to my phone.  Looks cool, but a little stalker like.

June 17th – My b-day cake. Thanks Megumi.  Notice her french nails.

Sat June 28th. Ryuta’s wedding party in Ebisu. He got married may 24th, but had a party for friends (cheaper that way).
Ryuta studied design in Ottawa – thats where we met.

eigo and gabu at Ryuta’s wedding party.
He is a designer living in Nagoya!  Hope to see you again soon Eigo (maybe end of July!)

Friday June 27. shabushabu (beef or pork cooked by you in front of you)  also tofu, veggies in the pot.  YUM!
Try it!

June 27th, Shinjuku. Entrace to Kabukicho.

I have tons of video I have to make another video summing up life in Tokyo for June.
Thanks mom and Steve for the Bday cards. Lovely.

Things on my mind right now:
Changing jobs to make use of my awesome people skills – I’m a motivator!
Buying a Fixed gear bike.
Wanna take 6 months off and travel.
I wanna order 4 books from Amazon – but not sure if I will read them – I wanna read more.
Buy an external hard drive as back up for all my photos that I am taking.
Make a video to show you my top ten favorite things about Tokyo.
Buying a ticket back to Ottawa for my friend Shawns wedding.

Thats all.


~ by frischfarms on July 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Tokyo Photos and Tokyo mind”

  1. >Make a video to show you my top ten favorite things about Tokyo.

    What ARE your top ten favorite things about 東京?

  2. BTW, my site’s at:

  3. Hi, reading this in TO Eaton Centre Mac store w/ Ben and Samantha! Great day and pics. Judy Wish you were here too!

  4. Tokyo5 – Thanks for your comment.
    I will asnwer your question before July ends. I want to film my spots, comment about why I love em and why it makes Tokyo what it is. Stay tuned!

    Thanks! Wish I was there too!

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