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Today is very very hot in Tokyo!

Headed to Tachikawa for a client meeting this morning.


Left the meeting at prime time 12pm, when its most hot! Had to take off my suit jacket – in fact I had to squint because the sun was so bright and hot.

After eating lunch (pork stir-fry for 980 yen) in Tachikawa, I took the special-rapid train – takes 38 mins or so to Shinjuku.

On the train, I had to stand – was watching the TV ad monitor by the doors, and reading Japanese ads and signs that are in the train to practice my Japanese. After 15 mins of that, I drifted off while standing and was thinking about some chapters I was reading in a book called think and grow rich.

As the tokyo suburbs pass by in the window, and the cool- airconditioner is cooling my back and face – I thought about myself and what I am capable of – and what is it that I truly desire above all.

The book talks about persistence in one chapter – and it reminded me about my quote that I said a lot during university. “Anything is possible, you know so live by it.”
Thats pretty straight forward – screw with defeat – just win.

If you really want something then take it, have it. live it . love it.

The book talks about focusing in on your inner-inspiration and don’t worry about outside influences as they are most likely to distract you from obtaining your goal.
What is my goal?



Other thing:

Sometimes Japanese office politics and the way you should act with the client violates my morals (only to a small degree) and my natural instricts about treating others.  Lesson learned “Always bow down to the client as if they were god, which could mean comprimising your own pride and self-worth”

Action: It is very unnatural to bow constantly (awkwardly and repeatitively) to make the other person feel superior to me.
My natural instinct: Shake hands looking strong and confident, while maintaining eye contact showing that I mean biz.

I am an actor – I love acting. I have to act Japanese in my office environment – I enjoy it, but sometimes its hard to pretend as some of my natural instincts may to to strong and forward to the Japanese. So I adapt, I am up for the challenge.

I could come up with a more thorough analysis, but no time right now.

Thoughts for today.


~ by frischfarms on July 4, 2008.

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