Japanese Work Photo, Mt. Fuji Climb update

Overcast day today,

but very bright.

Getting prepped for climbing fuji tonight.

Will my body be ready for it?
We will find out!

Here is a pic I took last week with work.

The pose is this pose by Fat Boy:

Or this one. He does this a lot. I know why.



As for the mt. fuji climb:


I can post blog entries from my phone and will update live from mt. Fuji as I hike up – all for you.
I will be taking pics with both my AU W53CA phone (awesome) and my nikon d40 DLSR.

Photos from my phone will be updates as I climb – it will be dark – but I7ll do my best!


Mt. FUJI Climb will be updated live from:
(Japanese Local Time) Friday July 11th, 10:30pm-Saturday July 12, 11am.

I will try to best convey the ascent and descent the best way I can.

I hope you can tune in.

Try the above mentioned pose when you have a moment and you will know.



See you on the mountain.


~ by frischfarms on July 11, 2008.

One Response to “Japanese Work Photo, Mt. Fuji Climb update”

  1. Looking forward to the pics! Have a nice climb!

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