Mt. Fuji Photo Collage – Tokyo Life update


Using ms paint (simple copy and pasting of screen shots)
I made this little clickable photo collage of my trip to fuji. (doesnt include all photos)

It is also linked to my photo stream on Flickr so you can see the photos there for yourself.
Click on the photo to see them all.

Bike accident story:

Another note, I got into a small bike accident a couple weeks ago – didnt mention it on the blog really, but I scraped my knee, and my work pants got torn at the knee.

Anyway, that morning I was on my way to work and didnt manage to get the contact info of person who cut me off (dont worry they were on a bike too).

Well two days ago, and also today I was biking and I saw a guy that I thought was the guy that cut me off.  So without any intro I just accused him of doing it saying casually like “hey, that hurt the other day when you cut me off, look i have a scab on my knee because of you”  – That was pretty harsh, but in the rush of the morning this morning and two days ago, I accused him. He says it wasnt him, but I haev a “feeling” that the bike and his attitude say he is guilty.

Anyway, I will not pursue this at all, and just take the whole thing as a lesson learned.  Next time, I will get the info of the person and take it to the cops – if needed.

Other stuff I want to write about:

I write a blog at work as well.  I write it in Japanese and english – my coworker corrects my Japanese before I upload it – thats a great way to improve on my skills.

The iPhone is out in Japan.  Seems cool!

Been reading more and more about the 4-hour work week. Lifestyle design and GTD or Getting Things Done by David Allen. Lots of tips on productivity and work-life balance information.

Thanks for reading today.

~ by frischfarms on July 17, 2008.

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