No-Hands motorbike – India

Today is a hot one in Tokyo. Sweating just standing outside.

Found this video via – check this dude out.  No hands typing an email on his cell phone with riding his motorbike!

New Delhi India.

I thought I have seen people in Japan doing all sorts of things on bikes and bicycles (mail, checking websites, talking on the phone, riding with an umbrella and talking on the phone, reading a comic book)  but this tops it all!
Check the vid!


Today for lunch:
Eating black-eyed peas, refried beans, chicken and vegetables for lunch today.
Very tasty.

Weekend plans:

Plan to head to Akibahara after work to get an R4.  A device for the nintendo ds. I already have a supercard, but selling that to a coworker.

Heading to Yokohama for a HUGE fireworks festival.  Monday is “marine day” in Japan so its a 3 day weekend!!!
Take care


~ by frischfarms on July 18, 2008.

One Response to “No-Hands motorbike – India”

  1. that is why i have blue tooth in my car as I am just not that good of a driving multitasker. going to the beach this weekend. ideally there will be no tsunami’s.

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