Dog in Kimono to make me feel better


Last night I was updating recent photos of a trip to Aomori when my gf Megumi emails me this message at about 11pm:

“I havent eaten anything since last night
I went to an oyster bar with a friend, and now I feel awful.
I just threw up in NakanoSakaue station and can’t go home yet.”

WOW. So this is what I did the evening of July 28th, 2008.

1.    I biked to her rescue from my house (about 20 mins)
2.    Comforted her on the station stairs.
3.    Bought 3 drinks for her to try to make her feel better (water was best as it had “no smell”
4.    Took a taxi back to her place (leaving my bike behind)
5.    Went to the store to buy some medicine
6.    They didnt have any medicine, but the owner of the Family Mart gave me medicine from his own supply – what a nice guy!
7.    Gave her the medicine as instructed by the hand-written note provided by the nice fellow.
8.    2 Hours later – she was fine!
9.    Sometimes people need a hug.

I am tired now, but this photo makes me feel all great and loving of Japan again:

Dog Wearing Kimono at Hiratsuka Latern Festival

Dog Wearing Kimono at Hiratsuka Latern Festival

This one too:
Also this cute couple:

cuteness is healing

cuteness is healing me now

Video and pics coming of the trip to Aomori.  I did see preparation for the Aomori Nebuta Festival happening next week.  Gorgeous creations.
More soon.

~ by frischfarms on July 29, 2008.

One Response to “Dog in Kimono to make me feel better”

  1. cute dog in a kimono, you can buy them all at rakuten

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