Moe Character Themed, Akiba-Style Soda Drink

Akiba Style Soda - Sukumizu

Akiba Style Soda - Sukumizu

According to the Akiba Keizai Shimbun, there are 2 new Akiba styled, moe character sodas on sale this month.

What is moe?

The characters appearing on the drinks are Mari and Rin and are said to be in the 1st year C Class of some made up school.  It is always good to create life behind the product characters so consumers can relate and in this case “fall in love” with Mari or Rin, or maybe both.

The two drinks, Sukumizu (すくみず)and Meibii (めいびぃ) will be available at Asobit Chara City, and Kotobukiya Radio Kaikan in Akihabara, Tokyo.  A 250ml bottle sells for 210yen.

Sukumizu is pineapple cider flavoured while Meibii is a green apple flavoured, non-alcoholic beer. Sounds yummy.  It is said that it foams up just like real beer!

To me this looks like a cheap drink with a cheap – but cute – label.   Good product positioning and riding on the coat tails of everything-akiba, I think this drink will sell.

Looking ahead to the autumn season and school athletic events, plans are in the works to have an “autumn version” of the drink.  Stay tuned!

~ by frischfarms on July 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Moe Character Themed, Akiba-Style Soda Drink”

  1. In Japan, is cider alcoholic like in the UK?

  2. RMilner, as far as I know its not alcoholic.

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