Bolt is Awesome

Right here, right now.  "I am no. 1"

Right here, right now.

Bolt showing you that he is #1.  Try this pose.  I dare ya.   You will feel much better!

I love his dancing and shoe promotion/product placement after he wins. He is the manifestation of confidence!  Lots to learn from this young man!

At age 21, its only a matter of time before he breaks his own record.

In other news:

I took monday and tuesday off work.  My throat was hurting, and I needed rest.  I am all better now.
Still biking to work these days.

Went to a waterpark on Saturday August 17th.  Toshimaen. It was great. It rained a little too…

Another note:  I broke up with my gf, Megumi, of 1.5 years.  We are on a serious hiatus at the moment and re-thinking a lot of things.

I am heading to Canada next tuesday, for 6 days.  I will miss you Japan.

Excited about that.


~ by frischfarms on August 21, 2008.

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