Sushi in Japan

Last night August 21st, I went to a sushi place with Jon, Nevena and Saranne (whom is staying with us for August).

We had atsukan (hot sake in a little bottle with cute cups).

We got a bunch of free “weird type” sushi and snacks from the sushi chef as we were asking him about all types of sushi related questions.

We were all joking that most of us know the Japanese words for the sushi, but dont know the english names of the fish!

We paid 11,000 yen for the meal for 4 of us.

Memory:  We ate …

Chutoro Tuna (middle part of the fish)

Chutoro Tuna (middle part of the fish) - usually most expensive type of sushi.

Sanma - Pike

Sanma - Pike

Engawa (Part of the fin of sole)

Engawa (Part of the fin of sole). Very soft taste.

Shrimp (boiled)

Shrimp (boiled). Not one of my favourites.

Sumi Ika - Squid

Sumi Ika - Squid. Chewy.

あじ - Aji - Mackerel

あじ - Aji - Mackerel.There is a fish tank filled with 'em. You choose, the chef dices. The fish is usually still moving (only slightly..) and twitching as you look in its eyes while chewing on the deliciousness.

Slightly grilled with a torch!  Fatty Salmon!

Slightly grilled with a torch! Fatty Salmon! This is better than sex!


Writing a blog is challenging.  It is better to have pics and links and fun stuff for people to interact with.

Want to write more about fun Japanese things and get paid for it.

Planning my trip to Ottawa.

Thinking about getting a cell phone while I am in Canada to get in touch with people there.

Studying Japanese a lot at work and reading about privacy compliance rules.  That is hard core Japanese!

This weekend is awadori dance festival in Koenji.
Sunday I am attending a wedding!  Going to be great!
Also need to pick up some souvenirs for friends and family back in Ottawa.
I havent been back there for 3 years.


~ by frischfarms on August 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sushi in Japan”

  1. orgasmic looking sushis.

  2. yummm

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