Tokyo Weekend

Friday night:  Biked home not feeling too good because I worked until 8pm.
Saturday Night: Sushi in Honan with Eigo, Shuntaro and Saranne (roommate for 1 month in August)

Sunday Night: Natsu and Yoshi’s Wedding in Ebisu.
The wedding was awesome.  Fois Gras!  Delicious.

Isamu, Eigo, Shun, GP

Isamu, Eigo, Shun, GP

I biked home sunday night, in my suit, in the rain.  My friend Naoko, took me in for the night and promised to dry clean my suit.
I leave for Canada tomorrow and will pick up many souvenirs tonight.

Oh, I won a Nintendo Wii at the wedding afterparty! We played Bingo!

Chie (Natsu, the brides friend from when they studied in Canada) has my Wii.  She was carrying it for me, then got in a cab with friends, while I was getting my bike down the road from Ebisu station. So my Wii is with Chie.  I will get that from her soon.

~ by frischfarms on August 25, 2008.

One Response to “Tokyo Weekend”

  1. Really nice photo … everyone looks so happy!

    I’m taking a trip to Japan next month … what would be on your list of “must-see” places?

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