My daddy, free umbrella, swimming.

I get home on friday evening,

check my email inbox.

I get a photo.


From my dad…

No subject,

No email.

just this photo:

My daddy

My daddy

Now we know what I will look like sitting on a chair, in a wheat field, in a blue jacket.

In other notes:

How to get a free umbrella when you are stuck in the rain in Tokyo:
Step into your local cafe shop.
Tell them you forgot your umbrella in that cafe 4-5 days ago.

When they ask you describe your “lost” umbrella, tell them “biniru” or ビニル which means vinyl – clear plastic umbrellas that are ubiquitious around Tokyo.  kasa 傘 is umbrella in Japanese.
Wasure mono 忘れ物 is lost item in Japanese, literally forgotten thing.

Generally, the staff whill trust you.
The staff will either take you to see the huge pile of biniru umbrellas in the lost and found, or grab 5-6 to show you to help identify them.

The thing is the millions and millions of biniru umbrellas are identical.
Grab one you like and say “kore da!”  which means “this one!” smile, say “arigatou” and stay dry in the rain.

But you didnt hear it from me. ..

Also I went swimming on Saturday afternoon in nakameguro with roommate jon.

Great stuff.  I think I swam at least 1km.  Thats like 40+ laps in the 25meter pool.

~ by frischfarms on September 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “My daddy, free umbrella, swimming.”

  1. まじで これ おやじ??

  2. LOL awesome.
    speaking for myself, it’s a cycle…considering how many times i’ve forgotten my umbrella at restaurants, stores, etc. and then “found” one somewhere after.
    japan has an amazing unique communal umbrella system.

  3. おやじだよ。 笑。

    soph: great way to justify us stealing! heheh

  4. For more random photos including one of you:

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