I lost my wallet!

During my trip to Canada at the end of August – I lost my wallet on the way to the airport in Toronto.

either, its in customs or someone stole it from my bag.  I noticed my wallet was missing once boarded the plane in minneapolis to tokyo.

Here is my wallet after purchasing some handmade soap in downtown ottawa (in the brown bag).

R.I.P my wallet 2001-2008

R.I.P my wallet 2001-2008

Thats’s right I had this wallet for over 7 years.  It was incredible quality and fine craftmanship.  It will truly be missed.
Not only that, it had all of my i.d. in it, but luckily I only had 2000 yen inside it at the time of it being missplaced.
I will write about this later, but I have to replace my alien registration card and my bank card here in Japan.  That will be a fun adventure!

The wallet was a gift to me from my gf back in 2001.  Thanks a lot!!!
I am thinking about just spending the 350$ to buy a new louis vuitton.  Doubt it though.

It was raining most of this weekend in Tokyo.

I went out Saturday night to shibuya and roppongi with a good friend Jarek. We also ate yakiniku and got into 3 clubs for free. Thats awesome.

~ by frischfarms on September 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “I lost my wallet!”

  1. oh no! losing your wallet sucks big time.
    but you’re probably the most positive wallet-loser of all time.
    good luck on the adventure getting its components back! =)

  2. soph,
    for sure. staying positive about it!

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