Japanese Eyes

Bored during lunch today.  I ate a sandwich which I bought the ingredients and then made the sandwich at work.  I bought all the stuff at the 99 yen shop nearby.

Took this photo of my eye.

my eye

my Tokyo eye - do i look more asian?

Eye of Shinjuku - Shinjuku Station West Exit - watching you...

Eye of Shinjuku - Shinjuku Station West Exit - watching you...

Other news:  My bike got stolen last weekend.  I locked it up near Eifukucho Station, but it still got stolen.  My faith in Japan has dropped a bit.  but its Still safe!!!
I love you Japan!
now I am taking the TRAIN to work – damn it!


~ by frischfarms on October 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “Japanese Eyes”

  1. oh no!!! that’s terrible news… =(
    are you sure it was stolen? did you report it?
    hope you get it back!

  2. Soph,
    For sure it was jacked – my poor poor bike – gone!!!
    I did check the local bike pound to see if they have it, but nothing!

  3. ooo… well, at least you know your bike was desirable to someone ^^. did you do something to your eye to make it look more asian?

  4. K,
    Yeah my bike was awesome, all individualistic and designed by me.
    As for my eye, nothing was done, just thought if living in japan has changed the way i look!

  5. i don’t think it’ll change the color of your eye or eyes. haha.

  6. HAHA. for real!

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