Canned Bread パン缶

Breaking news!
Real bread sold out across TOKYO!
They need to sell it in CANS now.

Canned Bread "99".  350 yen.   14 baquettes fit into one can!

Canned Bread. パン缶 350Yen. 14 (read fourteen) baquettes fit into one can!

Report via Nihon Keizai Newspaper:

Due to the lenoguleq gene found in the wheat fields of northern Miyagi prefecture earlier this month, bread, or “pan” as its called here in Japan is being recalled across Japan’s capital.
Luckily, with the use of robots and researcher Mr. Odaiji Nishinasai, putting bread in cans eliminates the poisonous lenoguleq gene, allowing for proper bread consumption.

This is not a new trend but a new brand of “bread in a can.” Bread in a can is old news!  Come on Rest of the World, this is the future!

Other news:
I went to Tsuchiura Fireworks over the weekend.  Post on that coming soon.
Also went to club Velour in Aoyama area of Tokyo – very nice.

~ by frischfarms on October 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “Canned Bread パン缶”

  1. Does the bread come flying out when you open the can? You know, like the snakes-in-a-can gag? I kinda hope so…

  2. BillyWest! It does, my eye got poked out! Rumour has it that a new matsuri in Miyagi pref will start by praising the cans that shoot the bread into the heavens.

  3. how fresh is it in the can though? ^^

  4. Its super freeze dried too keep it fresh. lol

  5. Interesting to know.

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