202 Market 202マーケット Sasazuka 笹塚

Last night, I headed to 202 Market just outside Sasazuka Station.  It opened in 2004.

202 Market cafe.  Sasazuka, Japan

202 Market cafe. Sasazuka, Japan

To get there, Turn left out side the ticket gate,  turn left again once outside and it is up the stairs on your right.  It is above LIFE grocery store.

I went with a friend, Ai.  We arrived at 10:30 and stayed till 12:30.  I Had a gin&tonic and a zucchini and meat pizza.  It was delicious.

202 Market has a good vibe, good lighting, reasonable pricing.   The bench seating is wooden though which can become uncomfortable.  For our 2 drinks and a pizza (albeit small) the total cost was 2500 Yen.
One of the staff members has the cutest dimples ever!

After some searching online, I found that it is pet-friendly cafe and many dog lovers frequent this cafe.  I would think they would go during the day.

Other news:

It is a gorgeous day today ^ sun and partly cloudy.  Maybe 23 degrees. Going to eat Curry for lunch that my roommate Tyler made.

~ by frischfarms on October 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “202 Market 202マーケット Sasazuka 笹塚”

  1. Gabu! Im jealous of the weather… its like 2 degrees here in O-town! lol love the pics and all the new posts 🙂

  2. where’s o-town?

    i’m guessing it was 10:30pm since you were drinking? ^^

  3. O-town is Ottawa, Canada!

    1030 pm of course!

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