Handsome Suits in Japan

Weekened update:
I had some lesson in Harajuku, then met up with my ex-girlfriend in Harajuku for Gyoza (dumplings) at an AMAZING restaurant (290yen)!
After that,  biked to Shibuya to meet up with Pat, Abram, and his friend Adelaide.  We chilled there for a bit, then headed to Aoyama.
We attended an adidas skate party.
It was funny cause me and Pat just walked past the doorman avoiding the 2000 yen door charge. Hey, we looked good doing it too!  haha.


– Busy day, had some lessons, then I hung out at home for a bit, then made some “light” movies with a friend Stuart.  Hfour is his company.  You can see his videos here.

: I had 2 lessons in Shinjuku, and hung out all day.  I played a little nintendo DS too.  Relaxed.

Had another lesson today and biked around the Okubo area north of Shinjuku.  Just taking my time biking, no rushing.
Also I had lunch with a friend Hitomi, that I met at h.i.s. travel agency.  We had spaghetti.
It was a 3 day weekend with Monday being 体育の日 which is “Physical Education Day”
I like that!  A day of rest to educate us about getting our buts up and exercising!

So, wtf is handsome suits?

Well, this morning I got cut off by a pedestrian while I was biking extremely fast – I should have been going slower.  Well, the pedestrian did not heed my “ringing bell” warning (i.e. they didnt get out of my way!

After trying to swerve out of the way, I CRASHED into the ground.  This was at 9:20am this morning.

So, my suit pants are ripped and elbows were bleeding.  So I need to pick up a new suit at lunch today.
Yes, I am alright.  I will never ride my bike on the sidewalk again – that was just bullshit.
No one even said “Are you alright?”  But one lady said “hey, you dropped some coins there.”  I guess my coins are more important than my nearly shattered elbow and left knee cap.  Gotta love it!

Some Suit companies in Tokyo:
P.S FA (perfect suit factory)
The Suit Company

Handsome Suits - If you became handsome, would your dreams come true?

Handsome Suits - If you became handsome, would your dreams come true?

Then I find that a new movie is coming out Nov 1st called “handsome suits”
Its about an ugly dude that gets a “handsome suit” making him handsome, so does it change his life for the better or for the worse?   You can see the trailer here.  Hilarious.

Have a good day.

~ by frischfarms on October 14, 2008.

7 Responses to “Handsome Suits in Japan”

  1. >the pedestrian did not heed my “ringing bell” warning (i.e. they didnt get out of my way!

    Not to give you a hard time…but bicycling is illegal on sidewalks (with very few exceptions) in Japan now. And the bicycle bell is like a car horn…to be used only when absolutely necessary. Not to tell people to move over.

    As I said, I’m not trying to heckle you on your own site. Just stating the new bicycle rules in Japan. Kinda like Devil’s advocate.

  2. tokyo5, yeah I posted about the bike rules change before … its sucks, just i was all bent up when i wrote this post…thanks for the heads up.

  3. being a cyclist in london, cycling on the footpath is sometimes necessary >_> the drivers here are nuts (and we’re not even in france or italy where they drive 10x worst) so at red lights I tend to go on the sidewalk (also because I got pulled over by a bike-cop for breaking a red light! still can’t believe it =_=)

  4. heretic,
    cant believe you got pulled over by a bike-cop. Are they even real cops, cmon!

  5. what lessons do you take?

  6. k,
    i give the lessons. Guess!

  7. cool^^

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