Japanese Salary Man Song

Monday night, no lessons.
So I wrote a song!  Why you ask?

Why not?

I wrote this song.  Lyrics by Gp, song and guitar by T. Russ, my roommate.
Here it is:
EDIT:  This is a rock version.  I would prefer to make a rap version, but hey, T. Russ doesnt do hiphop.

Lyrics for the song written by me in 3 minutes:

There was this man, he works for works worth
a company man, a salary man.

169 cm tall, black hair and striped tie
button up shirt looking real fly.
went to a famous university,
somewhere in the big city,
reputation and future,
decided well in advance, all secure.
direct after graduation,
entering the company ranks, begins his frustration.
he must obey the bosses command,
even if he doesnt agree or understand.

We works real hard, a company man, a salary man….a Japanese Salary man.

He wakes up early morning, thinking its all worth
something more than him,
but its all in vain,
is it worth his early morning pain?

He wakes up before the sun does, eats his rice,
he loves it and thinks its real nice.
walks out the door,
5-10 minute walk to the train station platform.

commute to work is another 45 minutes, or maybe an hour,
his endurance must be from his inner samurai power.
because the train is so tight,
in the early morning rush hour fight,
he cant get space to breathe
or ask someone for space to say please.

Today I went to a client for a presentation for a new product proposal.
Our company pres was sleeping…wtf!  I learned that if the members of the presenting team are not interested in the content of the presentation, then how the f*** should we expect the client to enjoy our presentation?
I think we failed right then…  But I should stop mentioning bad things here.

Then after returning the borrowed presentation equipment (computer, projector, screen etc) to Nihonbashi, I went to McDonald’s to have an ice coffee with 2 other coworkers:
I heard this song while reading some info on McD’s in Japanese…

I could also write this song dedicated to Tokyo.  I will always love you Tokyo….

This song is awesome.
I think popular things run in cycles of 20 years.   Fashion right now is bright and poppy like 1988.  Neon is in as you can see in my last post about the Kaws designed nike Air Max 90 neon highlighting….
More example of 20 year cycle:
I have been listening to Cut Copy for over 1 year now…Lights and Music, this would make a great back music for a HD video of urban tokyo.  Lights.  and.  Music.

Life is good in Tokyo.  I am waiting for YOU to come visit me!

~ by frischfarms on October 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Japanese Salary Man Song”

  1. awesome song! haha
    and by YOU, you mean me, right? 😛
    see you in tokyo!

  2. soph,
    Yes I am waiting for YOU to come!!
    glad you like the song – its funny silly

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