the last few days

Some select video scenes for you from the last few days.

We have a projector set up in our house now which brings us a 2 metre screen up on the wall.  It is incredible and I have seen several movies in the last few days as a result:  Tropic Thunder, Kung-Fu Panda, Traitor, Life Aquatic, Narnia Pt 1, Iron Man.

Thanks again to Jarek for the projector!  It is awesome!

My Movie Clip Explained:
Scenes include:
-Shinjuku Street Scene night
-Me and Pat at Wendy’s eating the biggest burger on the menu. Crazy.
-GP in Shinjuku Station on Halloween Night.
-Jon playing Wii Sports on our giant screen
-After biking to Shibuya on Sunday, I saw the elementary school band performing a concert near yoyogi park, cute songs.
-Jarek, Takashi, Ryutaro, Kuni and myself eating Ramen in Roppongi.

The video has no editing and is all raw footage for you

Other notes:
Monday, Nov 3 was Culture Day in Japan – that means I had the day off!  I biked to Tokyo Station (about 8km one way) and biked around that area for a while.  There are many things in Tokyo that I have not explored in detail, but I have done all the touristy stuff.

A lot of Change is happening:  My neighbour Pat will be moving to Hong Kong.  I will leave my job soon…

There has been a mouse seen in our house recently.  We bought a trap to catch it, but Tyler wants to let it go in the street if we catch it…(do I hear it now as I type this late at night…?)

My hair is getting longer now, as you can see in the video.

Tokyo weather is getting colder now and sometimes I’m wearing a coat.

~ by frischfarms on November 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “the last few days”

  1. so what happens after you leave your job?

  2. After job? , life continues and I travel!

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