Obama, southern terrace illumination 2008

Obama won.
If you have a chance, watch and/or read his speech.  It is very well written.
I want some merchandise.
Maybe this shirt?  Its 3500yen.

Starting yesterday November 5, and running until Christmas is the southern terrace city (shinjuku) illumination 2008.  Check out the website here for more pics.
I took some video, but will upload that at another time.
If you are in shinjuku, check it out!
Just take the south exit at Shinjuku Station and cross the street.

Other News:
Went to a standing sushi bar named Uogashi yesterday in Shinjuku between lessons.
It is a 2-3 minute walk from the West exit of Shinjuku station.
Most pieces are 75 yen each.
They put the sushi on a leaf – no plate.
It is okay to eat with your hands.

Standing Sushi Bar Uogashi - Shinjuku

Standing Sushi Bar Uogashi - Shinjuku

Notably, I ate Octopus (tako), Squid legs (geso). There isnt much I havent tried.
Also ate: salmon, katsuo (bonito, or skipjack tuna), grilled tuna.
I paid 1200 yen – or about 12$ for that meal.
Incredibly cheap and a priceless vibe at this great standing sushi bar.

Japan’s top 3 Cell phone companies just announced their awesome new phones this week.

Docomo, AU and SoftBank announced their new phones yesterday for winter 2009.  HOT.
The carriers are killing it with some phones that have CCD cameras with 8 mega pixels!
Of course you get TV, music, waterproof, touch screens and awesome design.
If you dont live in Japan, you cant get these phones.  Crying is allowed.
Docomo’s lineup
AU’s lineup
Softbank’S lineup
via CrunchGear.

~ by frischfarms on November 6, 2008.

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