Karrimor Backpack

On Sunday, with roommate Jon, I headed around Tokyo to look at some bags.   We started in Shinjuku Tokyu Hands (giant dept store with everything you can think of!), then headed via bike to Harajuku to check out ICI Sports, a great outdoor sports shop with all types of goodies for hiking, camping, winter sports, mountain biking, backpacking etc.   I signed up for a members card to get 5% off my purchase.

Thanks to Jon for being patient as I was figuring out which bag to buy.  Millet was also a good brand, but I thought it had way too many straps and looked more suited for hiking.

I bought this Karrimor backpack: 30 Litres Type II for 15,575Yen (5% discount at ICI Sports!)
I bought mine in blue, though.

My new bag for my trip.

My new bag for my trip.

Its great.  It has a hard back, to help my poor posture, tons of padding where its needed.  In terms of  backpacking bags, this bag is rather small – which I like.    I dont want to be on the road with a HUGE bag that looks like a tank on my back.  This bag runs from just above my ass to the middle of my head.

And with the B.I.T. philosophy (Buy It There – learned from the 4 hour work week readings), the bag should be pretty light once I depart.


donuts on the path to death

donuts on the path to death

I also checked out Krispy Creme donuts in Shinjuku southern terrace while waiting for Jon.  They hand out one free donut while waiting in line.  I ate it.  Then I bought 2 more.   They are so sweet and delicious!  160 yen for the plain or 180 for variety type.    Here is the menu in Japan.

There has been a lineup at the shop for nearly 2 years straight!!  Crazy.  I waited 25 minutes in line.
When it first opened (as most shops) the Japanese went crazy and line-ups were 2 hours long.
We all know the Japanese love to line up – they are devoted to getting and being involved in the latest trends, fads, new products.

The current “line-up” trend is with the mcdonald’s quarter pounder which was just released in Japan – they created shops that ONLY sell the one burger as a value set – with fries and a drink.
Some write-ups about it here.
An entire shop just for the burger!
I went to the location in Omotesando expecting to be able to eat just the burger (I refuse to eat the fries) but they only sell the value set!  So I didnt buy, left and cooked a seafood salad at home – shrimp and salmon!!

The cool branding part is that there are NO mcdonald’s logo or association with mcdonald’s AT ALL in the menu, store layout, flyers or ads.   Exclusivity (or the false impression of it) really SELLS WELL in Japan.

Today is Remembrance Day or Memorial Day Veterans Day for America.  Recognize it.

~ by frischfarms on November 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “Karrimor Backpack”

  1. >Memorial Day for America

    Actually, I think “Memorial Day” in America is in May. November 11th is “Veteran’s Day”, isn’t it?

    WWI ended at 11:00 on 11月11日…90 years ago.

  2. Veterans Day it is. Thanks for the correction.

  3. Good on you for going with the seafood salad 😉

  4. where are you heading?

  5. billywest,
    Thanks, and the seafood salad tasted soo good.

    heading to india.

  6. Are you really going to India with only a 30-liter pack??

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