Orange Umbrellas

Went for a walk through Meiji Jingu on Sunday.
There is a long long walk (15-20 mins) to the temple itself, so it makes for a very peaceful time in busy Tokyo.  I only made the walk, and didnt reach the temple, as I had to go home.
I suggest walking slowly in order to really listen and enjoy the sounds of the small pebbles rustling at your feet.  It is relaxing.
In the distance, down the long straight path under the trees and darkened rain clouds, I caught these 4 ladies with the brightest umbrellas – looking so out of place and passing me by. It made my day.
I like it.


Other notes:
On Sunday, I went to T.G.I Friday’s in Shibuya and ate this burger, The Jack Daniels Burger.

I went with my coworker and his 8-year old daughter to T.G.I Friday’s.  The 3 of us hang out every few months to chat in English.   She speaks great english for her age, and so my coworker would like her to practice with me from time to time.  She is generally shy when we first meet up, but then she starts blabbing away like a child should.
GP and Nagisa in Yoyogi Park on the way to Meiji Shrine after eating our burgers.
I havent had the chance to see much 紅葉 こうよう kouyou, or fall colours, because of the lack of trees in Tokyo. kouyou – aka checking out some things outside of Tokyo and to take in the autumn season.


~ by frischfarms on November 19, 2008.

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