Ketsumeishi – Train ケツメイシ - トレイン

The song has a anime-style video and relates the train to the driving force inside himself, and the difficulties of trying to find his path to fulfill his dreams.

I like this song.

I searched for the lyrics to this song on google, then study fun time starts!
There are a lot of good lines in this song:

Opening lines:
僕の中の高速列車は 今日もガタガタ言いながら
夢と言う名の駅に向かって ひたすら走ってる
The high speed train inside me, rattles away again today…
Heading towards the station named “dream”, intently keeps moving.

Other great lines:
動き出せ 僕の中の 少年のようなピュアなハート
The pure young boys heart inside me, starts to move out

時には先の暗いトンネル いつかは必ず光が待ってる
Sometimes, there is a dark tunnel, but someday, for sure, there is light at the end of the tunnel

飛び出せ 僕の空へ 雲かき分け飛んで行け
Fly out, to my sky,  push your way through the clouds, to fly away.

子供の頃の 夢見心  Your childhood dreams…
それを燃料にして 走り出す  make them your fuel to start running.

Especially, when they go into a rap style and really talk fast.  If this was English, I still wouldnt understand
This is an amazing way to study.

The song was also used as part of East Japan JR Shinkansen 20th Anniversary promotions campaign in 2007.

Here is the campaign ad (with great shots of the trains and views of Japan)


Other news:
Today is a very crisp and clear day in Tokyo.  No clouds in the sky.  It is about 10 degrees.

I watched Casino Royale last night for the 2nd time.  Good film.

I cooked Pasta with furikake and chicken.  Then made a huge salad with avocado, lettuce, tomoto and cucumber, with sesame seed dressing.   Kiwi for dessert.

Also headed to the Indian Embassy to apply for a visa which costs 9000 yen for non-Japanese.

~ by frischfarms on November 20, 2008.

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