Standing Sushi Bar – Shinjuku

This Standing Sushi Bar in Shinjuku is very fun. Went there for food last week – Yummy!

Other news: It is getting colder in Tokyo… maybe 10 degrees and clear skies today.
Will it be a cold winter?  I won’t know. lol.

I got the new Kanye West album 808’s and Heartbreak – it is good.  I love the track, Paranoid.  It’s electric and poppy. Makes me wanna dance.

I went to Club Asia on Saturday night with my friend Takashi.  Entrance is 1000 yen before midnight. We danced and had a good time until 6am, then we hit up Miami Garden (pasta restaurant) in Shibuya.

Played video games for 2 days straight (sunday and monday national holiday) – mostly Bio Hazard for the Nintendo Wii.  I have it hooked up to my projector so the screen is 1.5 metres wide. Amazing!! In the game you have to kill zombies, dogs, bats, bees, spiders and snakes.  Very fun game as you use the wii remote for your gun and the nunchuck for weapon selection and moving around. I more or less beat the game.

~ by frischfarms on November 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Standing Sushi Bar – Shinjuku”

  1. Standing Sushi bar in Shinjuku…? Interesting! Whereabouts…? Also, does it have a name I could google?

  2. Corre,
    The name of the place I went to is Uogashi 5 mins from the West exit of Shinjuku station. Tons of locations around tokyo though.

  3. […] 8, 2009 To follow-up on the previous post about standing sushi bars, here is video (courtesy of gabuchan) of a standing sushi bar located in Shinjuku.  This is the core concept that I’m trying to […]

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