computer screens shaped like playing cards

I think would be a good idea.
I am now in Hampi, India.
Checking out the palm trees and rice field boulder town.
Drinking Limca.
At the net cafe that is 50 rupees and hour.
Had masala dosa for dinner last night.
Mind blowing trip and I dont want it to stop.
I miss you all the ones who watch my blog.
Love you and miss you.


~ by frischfarms on February 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “computer screens shaped like playing cards”

  1. I think Khumar should be mentioned in this, his story needs to be heard. The one when this crazy Canadian guy from Tokyo picked him up in this deserted hole kalled Hospet and brought him to paradise Hampi for some Masala Dosa and a Banana Lassi.One day Khumar will write a book about you, or a poem…thanking you for the Banana Lassi which was much more then he could have asked for. ^^,

    Hey Gabriel. How are you guys? Right now me and adila are in anjuna beach. Haha, this place is insane. I can see why you liked it. I can picture you getting your freak on on the dance floor, shaking your tail feather. We are staying here for a couple of days. We have met some nice people. I should go now. Write me on facebook. The computer nerd in me has added you to my facebook friend list.

    Sending you some Hampi vibes. Can you feel it?

    Love, Natalie

  2. What up! I know how to reach you now. Pretty crazy stories. You’re livin life for all the boys combined! Take care and talk to you soon. P.S. Hope you’re keeping track of things cuz you could write a crazy book or go back and make a documentary…


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