Kerala Backwaters and Varkala Beach

Boat from Allepey to Amritapuri to see the hugging guru for 300 rupees.
meditation and such at the place, then a 40 rupees 3 hour trip via local bus to Varkala.
Now in Varkala beach with its cliff and great waves near 5pm.


~ by frischfarms on February 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Kerala Backwaters and Varkala Beach”

  1. Yes, the plan was to go upnorth but Mike and Schlomi had an idea so at the moment we are trying to find a big car we can rent and travel around in. We are six people to share this vehicle and the smartest thing to do, for me and adila, is to choose to travel south because eventually we will have to return this car meaning we have to go back to goa….so its better to go south and see what there is to see there, go back to goa and give back the vehicle and then later continu up north instead of going north first, back to goa and then back north…So, what I am trying to say is that… I dont think we will be in delhi before the 10th. I really want to…or perhaps meet you in Varanassi…I dont know.

    But nothing is really decided. If this whole thing with roadtripping through india failes, then we probably can meet you in Delhi on 10th and stay with you until you have to go back to Tokyo.

    I will inform you later about our plans. Say hi to your friends from me.


    (i tried to send this to you on facebook but there was something wrong with the page)

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