I decided to link up with twitter and you can follow my every move at to get updates about the age old question:  What are you doing?

Also to help keep things organized I joined up with to also update my twitter and facebook accounts at the same time via one text message – so I can keep in touch on the go as well.

Here is my twitter pic:

colorful gp

colorful gp

In other news:
I spent some time with a VJ friend of mine, Stuart whom has done some interesting projects. is his site.
If you in Tokyo and need some VJ work done, hit him up!
Also, since its so cold in tokyo (compared to India) I have no motivation to step outside and have been a complete hikikomori.
Spending time on the net, and reading about things and news, watching videos etc.
The web world v.s. the real world it seems like.
Maybe like the matrix in the future, with people in the know about the net, and others that dont know or dont care about what is happening on the net.
Does twitter (and other social sites like facebook) really help us grow as a species, or does understanding and using the technology and social sites make our lives unnecessarily busier??

~ by frischfarms on March 26, 2009.

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