Pink Sequined Hat, Astro Boy Tshirt

I saw something like this sequined hat tonight in Shinjuku Lumine Est:

Fashion must have in 2009?

Fashion must have in 2009?

This hat would look very hot with my new Astro Boy Hologram t-shirt purchased in Beijing last week (the pink does match):

Astro Boy Hologram T-shirt

My Astro Boy Hologram T-shirt purchased in Beijing

This hologram shows his robot body and his outer body at different angles. Hype. Pink tie to match this, then a black sports jacket on top.

In other news*
My legs are very sore from riding my new fixed gear around the ‘hood and that.
I want to become corporately sponsored so I can live for free – plans in progress.

Here is my Fuji Feather bike with my new AJ3 (fakes from Beijing):

Im liking this Itunes Visualizer.  I took this screen shot just now.
Very good colors:

"Can't stop having these visions, "

"Can't stop having these visions, "

~ by frischfarms on March 27, 2009.

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