Bangkok to Koh Phangnan

I am now in Koh Phangnan, Thailand.

After arriving in Bangkok on a flight from Tokyo via Taipei, Taiwan we made our way through customs and to the baggage check.
We had no checked baggage, except for one transparent umbrella brought from Japan.
We made it a test to bring nothing on this 10 day journey to Thailand. The B.I.T. theory (buy it there)
No toothbrush, no soap, not a change of clothes, nothing except what fit on our body.

After deciding that we would take the local bus from Bangkok airport, we took bus # 551 headed to Victory Monument, at which point we would transfer to bus #59, but after waiting at the monument for over 40 minutes, we decided to share a taxi with a young Korean man named Yun who knew quite a bit about Bangkok.
So we headed off in our taxi to Kao San Rd. – the foreign hangout, with noise, street sellers, street food, massage parlors, and anything else you could think of directed towards tourism.
We looked for a guesthouse to stay and settled on a room that was 100 Baht, or about 3$.
Dinner on the streets eating pad thai, and some chicken skewers.
that was the first day.

day 2:
– 1 hour massage for 180 baht (6$) which was incredible and made my back scream.

– Visiting 8 tourism shops in Bangkok via rickshaws (tuk-tuks) and splitting the cash incentive the shop pays the rickshaw driver for bringing us to the shop 50/50.
Explain:  The shops pay the rickshaw drivers 200 baht each time they bring a tourist into the shop whether the tourist purchases something or not.   We knew this and took advantage of it – and put ourselves to work!
In 1.5 hours, we visited 8 shops, and me and Jon made 400$ baht about 12$ each.  That is nearly minimum wage in Japan!   Touring the city for free in a rickshaw visiting beautiful jewelry shops and fabric, while getting paid and contibuting to the rickshaw drivers wallet.  I feel good about it.
– Visited the biggest park in Bangkok.
– Headed on a bus overnight from Bangkok to Chumporn.

Day 3:
While watching sunrise, we waited at Chumporn port for our catamaran to depart at 7am for the 3.5 hour high-speed boat trip to Koh Phangnan.  With over 100 foreigners all heading on the same journey it was interesting to feel the buzz in the air as everyone is headed for the full moon party.
The boat ride was quite smooth until we passed Ko Toh island just north of Koh Phangnan, after which the ride got very bumpy due to the high winds on the open Thailand sea causing several people to be throwing up their stomachs into clear plastic bags being handed out by boat staff.  I was fine!
Koh Phangnan is hot.  about 30 degrees.
Ate delicious green curry.  We are staying at Laid Back Cafe about 10 minutes walk from where the full moon party will be held on Sunday.

Thailand is wicked!


~ by frischfarms on June 4, 2009.

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  1. glad you are still having fun.

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