What’s going on, 28.

Im 28.

So what is going on with you?

The point of this blog entry to make you feel really confident in who you are, be proud of yourself, be happy, have self respect, and it can be all summed up in just stating your age.

Like saying:  “I’m 28.”
The story:

We all had a goodbye party for my roommate Tyler last night!  We had a soft and delicate sushi dinner at the restaurant near our house, Indo Sushi.  We had the party because Tyler is leaving Japan and heading back to Portland to finish up his masters thesis in German this final summer.
During the meal, a man with his wife and friends sitting next to us (very talkative group!) at the sushi bar said to me as he left (after striking up some small talk),

“nanna jyuu san sai dess yo” – “I’m 73 years old.”

and as he said it, I realized that saying such a simple thing as “I’m 73” represented all his strength, pride, accomplishments, self-respect and happiness that he has felt throughout his lifetime.

So I say “I’m 28”, so respect me for my strength, my pride, my accomplishments, and my happiness.
Do not let your age represent lost opportunity, but rather let age represent all that you are, all you have done, and all you have felt in your years. Say your age like the 73 year old man said “I’m 73.”
Be proud.
Be awesome.

I also realized that old people just don’t give a fuck about what people think and maybe it is because they are near death and they couldnt waste time anymore trying to make people like them, or maybe it is that older people realize that it just doesn’t matter so much as we think.

So what is going on June 15th, 2009:

I burnt my right inner calf on the exhaust pipe of a motorbike during my Thailand trip and I am nursing it with different products to keep it clean.
Headed to Kichijoji to shops Skit (major wicked good shoe shop with everything), and to Rag Tag to sell some used clothing to them. Kichijoji is a trendy area in west Tokyo known for shops and lots of university students.

Check this video my brother sent me of some hot music he likes right now:

El Genio Del Dub – Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

Also my neighbour MR. FREE is heading to Paris representing JAPAN for the Quai 54 street ball tournament in Paris happening at the end of June!  He runs his own record company.  He is also a rapper/writer/poet/awesome and teaching english!  For more information about the basketball tournament and the team RISING SUNS, check him out here.

Working on editing some videos I took while in Thailand.
I’m 28.


~ by frischfarms on June 15, 2009.

7 Responses to “What’s going on, 28.”

  1. Be sure to put lots of vitamin E oil on that burn so it will heal faster and won’t scar.
    Have a great birthday! JP

  2. You have such a positive attitude about life! Happy 28th bday to you! Wishing you the very best and much, much more! I haven’t been to your website in a while and it’s great reading about your travels and adventure. Take care! -Amy G.

  3. Happy Birthday, Gabriel!

  4. I’m 31 Beeeeyatch!!!
    Thanks for the Love Yo!!
    Blessings and Light

  5. I love this.

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