Thanks Michael

Michael – thanks.  You made some wicked music and inspired me with your music and especially your dance moves, thank you for being such an awesome performer.

I said on this post on January 18, 2008:

“In music: 3:30-:45 into Micheal Jackson’s Billie Jean is the greatest 15 seconds of Music of All Time. The guitar rift – sensational.”

Here is Billie Jean, arguably the greatest song of all time. I mean, I ain’t the one, but I do want to dance, on the floor, in the round.

Other news:
I am in Hong Kong and I love it!  Tall, thin buildings make up most of the downtown area, along with hills lined with escalators to bring you up them.
My image of Hong Kong before arrival:  Dim sum, the harbor view, cheap fake brand goods.  Now that I am here, let’s see what else this place has to offer!

My good friend Jonathan (not roommate Jon) has recently told me:

” The greatest scam of all time is to tell the truth, YES!”

Very interesting quote.


~ by frischfarms on June 26, 2009.

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