Thailand June 2009 Trip

After a while of editing and basically putting it off, I finally finished the video of my recent trip to Thailand in June 2009. I spent 10 days there, 7 of which were spent on Koh Phangan during the Full Moon Party held on June 7th, 2009.  It was a blast the days leading up to the party, during the party and after the party. It was 4-5 days of pure fun and waking up at 7pm ready to party all night long.
I had a great time meeting up with all friends (Stuart, Jarek, Jon, Jon and Hiromi), meeting new ones (jimmy, steve, JP).
We stayed at the Laid Back resort, which I highly recommend for the price (200 baht a night) and the location (about 12 minutes walk to Haad Rin Beach). Plus it is very quiet (except when Coral Bungaloes, which is next door to Laid Back Resort, is having a pool party, but you can still sleep well)

I hope you enjoyed it.

In other news:  I am in Hong Kong until thursday after which I fly through Qatar to Berlin!

Today I took a walk around to the very top of the mid-level escalators in Central, then walked around the Hong Kong Botanical and Zoological Gardens, sat by the big fountain and looked at the Hong Kong skyline, then ate some of the best curry at a restaurant on Caine st. appropriately named Caine Restaurant.
Last night was a journey up to The Peak to take in the view of Hong Kong and harbor with the buildings lit up.  I made the journey around 6pm while it was still daylight, then stayed around until dark around 8:30pm.
I will write up a proper post on my trip to Hong Kong (with photos) later this week.
Have a good day!


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