Make her say…

I got a mitfahrgelegenheit from Halle to Dresden.  It is a car sharing service in Germany and neighbouring countries.
For 7 euro, I got to Dresden tonight via the car share.

Then one member of the car share was wanting to show me a tour of Dresden as he grew up in this town and wanted to practice english.

We walked for 30 minutes from the Main station in dresden, the hauptbahnhof, to the Neustadt where I am staying with Oliver and Oliver. Yes there are 2 of them.
We chilled and talked and then I spent 3 hours emailing people and watching youtube (also known as the real news channel) because I dont ever watch tv, I use youtube to find out news that is relevant to me at least.
Then I found this video.
I like it.

Other news:

I am headed to Amsterdam via hitchhiking with the Dresden Boys: Oliver and Felix on Wednesday.   An Action and Adventure packed 4 days there, then head to Köln in Germany to catch a flight. As next monday, we are headed for a one-week trip to Bukarest.


The story and adventure continues.  now for some inspiring words:

Although things may appear to be harsh and sour, in reality things may be working out exactly how they should be.  So relax.
Shout outs to Shawn, Janelle, Chris, Jon, Jon, Stuart, Jarek, Nevena, Tyler, mom, sis, bro, and pdx family.

Oh my, and this other song is hot right now in Germany. Hearing it on the radio in my car rides between Dresden and Halle.
Give this song a listen.

It is by Clueso and the song is Gewinner.   Anyone out there can translate the song?  I know its about a bf and gf breakup story a little.


~ by frischfarms on August 4, 2009.

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  1. I can translate it…

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